Tabula Rasa

21st June, 2018

Gray Fisher #2

After years of working for the police - both as a beat bobby and undercover - Rob Simpson-Stone is moving on with no regrets. It may be too late to rescue his marriage, but his relationship with his eight-year-old son, Lucas, is back on track. Rob's grown-up nieces might be a taller order, but he's prepared to do whatever it takes to prove they no longer need to worry that one day he won't come home.

Fate, however, has different ideas.

When Rob fails to arrive at his leaving do, his former boss/new PI business partner Gray Fisher can't understand why nobody else is worried Rob is MIA, never mind that Gray is pointlessly missing out on a night in with Will.

As the reasons behind the night's events unfold, Gray's past recklessness threatens to catch up with him, putting those he holds close in danger and forcing both Rob and Gray to forge reluctant alliances.

* * * * *

Book Two of the Gray Fisher trilogy - a spin-off of the Hiding Behind The Couch series, featuring Gray Fisher and Rob Simpson-Stone.
This story follows chronologically from The WAG and The Scoundrel (Gray Fisher #1) and Reunions (HBTC Season Seven).

Goth of Christmas Past

Coming Autumn/Winter 2018

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A 'next generation' spin-off featuring Krissi, Jay and friends.

Black hair and band hoodies had a lot to answer for.

That day, eleven years ago, when Gothboy mooched into their business studies class for the very first time, Krissi had taken one look at him and thought, What a freak. He’s so cool!

Now in their mid-twenties, Krissi Johansson and Jay Meyer are successful businesspeople and still best friends. But while one is moving forward with their life, the other is sliding ever backwards…revisiting the past and wallowing in regret.

Worse still, it’s Christmas—happy joy joy everywhere! Yay. >.<

* * * * *

Goth of Christmas Past is the first novel featuring Krissi, Jay and friends. Part of Hiding Behind The Couch series.
This story follows chronologically from Reunions (Season Seven) but can be read at any point after Two By Two (Season Six) without spoilers.

To Be Sure

7th December, 2017

Saorla Tierney Character Special

Saorla Tierney’s sons are conspiring against her, and at their age, they should know better. After all, she’s nearly seventy-one herself, and, quite frankly, whether she still ‘has needs’ is none of their business.

OK, so, maybe she was a bit harsh with Sean when all he did was ask if she and Aileen wanted a double hotel room. And of course she feels bad for biting Finn’s head off when he was only having a wee joke.

Between her grandson’s unconventional baptism and the decades-long feud between her sons, even with Aileen at her side it’s not as easy a decision as they seem to think. Or maybe it is. Saorla doesn’t know anymore, and until she’s sure…

* * * * *

To Be Sure is a novella-length character special. Part of Hiding Behind The Couch series.
This story follows chronologically from Reunions (Season Seven) and continues in Alumni (Season Eight).


19th April, 2017

Season Seven

A night of celebration affords the perfect opportunity for an unlikely band of criminals to make their move, but as details emerge, it soon becomes clear the crime is far more sophisticated than the police first thought.

And that's only the beginning.

* * * * *

Reunions is Season Seven in the Hiding Behind The Couch series.
This instalment follows chronologically from Two By Two (Season Six) and Those Jeffries Boys.

* * * * *

WARNING: this story touches on themes of suicide ideation, sudden infant death, cancer, dementia, drug dependency and dissociative PTSD. These are not graphically or gratuitously depicted, but may, nonetheless, cause distress to some readers.
The story also includes a few brief scenes of an intimate (non-explicit) nature.