Alumni (HBTC #8)


More info coming soon... (ish - I've only just started planning it. ;) )

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Buy Reunions (HBTC #7)


Books 1 to 5 have been 'polished', and they are currently being proofread, so apologies for any mistakes I may have introduced during the polishing!

The stories are exactly the same, but hopefully they're a better read.

If you have purchased the ebooks in the past, I'd be happy to send you a free update to the new editions. Please contact me via email (debbie at the URL for this site), along with some form of proof of purchase, and I will send out the replacement. If you purchased via Amazon, you can receive the update by enabling automatic updates on your Amazon account page (under 'Manage my Kindle').

Note: the updates currently apply to the all ebook editions; I have also updated the paperback for No Time Like The Present. I will update the rest of the paperbacks in due course.