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Beginnings (Prequel #1)

ePub   Mobi   PDF

Journey back to childhood, where the buds of friendship and romance blossom; take a peek into the lives of the primary school children who would become...The Circle.

Hiding Behind The Couch (Season One)

ePub   Mobi   PDF

Josh Sandison has spent his lifetime trying to keep his friends together, never forgiving himself for being the one to push George away. Now in their thirties, they reunite in a bid to help Shaunna's daughter establish her father's identity. But there are secrets and lies that have been lived too long, with the power to destroy friendships for good.

Breakfast at Cordelia's Aquarium

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A very short, fun interlude that has no real bearing on anything else that happens in the series. It is what it is: an Easter Egg. It is entirely self-indulgent, for which I make no apologies.
N.B. Contains spoilers, if read before Two By Two (Season Six)

What A Scorcher!

ePub   Mobi   PDF

Iris and Pauline are on their holidays! It's only a fortnight's house-sitting, but it'll do. The sun's cracking the flags, there's not a whisper of wind. And who needs fancy seaside resorts, anyhow?


ePub   Mobi   PDF

The one where Notes from Boston's Amelia Roberts takes a much-needed vacation to England and runs into Shaunna Hennessy from Hiding Behind The Couch - a fortuitous meeting for both. Co-written with A.M. Leibowitz.